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Events and festivals in Istria happen all seasons of the year. The Great Carnival drives the winter away. Sporting events are held every spring. Summer is filled with musical and other entertainment events, while autumn is the time for tastings. In Istria, we like to get together all year round.

Top events in Slovenian Istria

Choose between experiences of top-notch cultural creativity and fun summer nights, between culinary excellence and sporting challenges, and between magnificent venues and encounters on beaches, streets, or piers.
Altroke Istra Gourmet Festival
From spring to autumn, Koper dedicates one day a month to a culinary market selling Istrian food, local wines and selected local products.

December in Istria
Istria is ushered into the new year under festive lights, with Christmas and New Year fairs and other events. Make sure to visit an ice-skating rink by the sea and enjoy the cultural-musical programme!
Sparkling Wine Festival 
Every December, the luxurious Crystal Hall in Hotel Kempinski Palace Portorož hosts renowned sparkling wines from Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, Austria, and France.

Istrian Cycling Marathon 
This largest Istrian recreational cycling event in October provides routes of various lengths for cyclist of all ability levels.

Istrian Marathon
Thousands of runners compete in the marathon, or half-marathon, every April. Its route connects Koper, Izola, Piran, and Ankaran.

Orange wine festival 
Manzioli Palace is one of the oldest houses in Izola. In spring, it hosts an international festival of renowned wines produced following the traditional white wine maceration process.

Summer in Ankaran
The Valdoltra and Študent beaches host musical, theatrical and cinematic events every summer. There are also educational yet fun adventures for the youngest among us.

Pier of Tastes
Throughout the year, the Northern pier, or the Customs Pier in Izola, hosts street-food festivals, uniting delicious local food and Istrian wine.

Persimmon Festival
November in Strunjan is the month of picking persimmon fruits – golden apples. During the traditional festival, Strunjan's farms host open-door events and offer a variety of delicacies made from these sweet heavenly fruits.

Olive Oil and Chard Feast in Padna 
In May, Padna bathes in aromas of olive oil and dishes made from chard (mangold). The day includes a tour of Padna and sightseeing and ends with a bonfire and music in the evening.

Fisherman's Feast
A traditional feast with a rowing and sailing regatta, old fishing traditions, and an evening cultural and entertainment programme liven up Izola in August.

Sweet Istria
The international festival of desserts and other sweets invites you to visit the streets of Koper every September when the city basks in sweet aromas of delicious delicacies. The festival includes shows, workshops, and tastings.

The feast of St. George and Salt Making
Piran's Feast of St. George, held in April, is dedicated to the salt-making tradition. Re-live the journey of workers heading to the salt fields and learn about the more than 700-year-old tradition of salt making.

Tartini Festival 
Musicians from all over the world attend this international summer chamber music festival in Piran every August and September to revive the works of Giuseppe Tartini.

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