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Tips for trips

Where would you like to go today to taste something good? What would you like to see and learn about today? What are we doing tomorrow? You don’t have to plan a lot when you feel like going on a trip. Choose Slovenian Istria and follow the tips, maps, lists, and recommendations for sea lovers, gourmets, active travellers, and explorers of fascinating stories.

A journey through heritage

Open the map of Istria's natural, sacred, historical and archaeological heritage, museums,monuments, and cultural landscape. Schedule your visits or choose among pre-prepared itineraries which invite you to the green gems, boutique museums and the countryside.

Among the secrets of the sea

How did fishermen and mariners once live? Retrace their steps. Visit Izola to learn about the shipwrecked ocean liner Rex. Learn about the fishing industry through various exhibits and virtual experiences in Izolana - House of the Sea. In Piran, you will find the Sergej Mašera Maritime Museum and the once salt warehouse where you will find a boat called “topo”.

Feel and taste

The culinary journey through Istria is not limited to a country's border. Visit restaurants with traditional cuisine, art galleries, landscape parks, and ethnological museums between Portorož and Croatia's Opatija.

Active exploration of the countryside

On foot or bike? On a thematic trail, a cycling trail, or a circular route? Pick among various hiking, cycling, horse riding and educational trails of all difficulties. Many of them are family-friendly.