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Tastes of Istria

Foods that write their own story

„He who wants to truly experience and understand this land, should not read books about it, but should … eat!“

This old Istrian wisdom rings ever so true. The local cuisine is heavily based on tradition and local ingredients.  Top chefs know how to combine all this with healthy Mediterranean cuisine. Imagine these juicy, colourful and varied dishes making you crave for more.

Our cuisine is based on local natural products, the highlight of which are salt, olives, fresh fruits and vegetables, rich wines and other delicious gifts from the sea and the hinterland. To top it all off, we are happy to add a pinch of indigenous Mediterranean spices and condiments.

Explore and enjoy masterpieces of flavours, found anywhere from prestigious restaurants to exquisite local inns with a rustic touch. They can’t wait for you to discover them!

Did you know?

The oldest Refosco vineyard

The oldest Refosco vineyard

The oldest Refosco vineyard in Slovenian Istria is almost 150 years old. The vineyard combines the positive energy of the hundred year old grapevines with the Istrian rock and soil.
The first wine fountain in Slovenia

The first wine fountain in Slovenia

The very first wine fountain in Slovenia is located in Marezige, one of the most beautiful viewpoints in Slovenian Istria. From there you can gaze upon the Istrian hinterland and the Bay of Koper.


An osmica is a typical event in our area. It was once an event where farmers would sell their leftover produce but today it is used to showcase their wine and homemade food.


Mussels are the most common clams found in The Adriatic Sea. They have over 30 names. The most popular names are: klapavica, dagnja, pedoč, pidoč, pijoč, ušenaka, uš, klapunica, mušula.